Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme In India

2020-06-19 13:23:44

The latest buzz in the market Cbz Xtreme is attracting much of the riders for the new digital console HOT-Analog Meter that it has got. The design is extremely neat and reliable with the appearance of any of the bike today. The minute fuel gauges make the boundary look much attractive. Digital Speedo is sustained with detonation switch backlight. The green comes with the shutter, the way in Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. This improves the security of the automobile to some extent, truly smart. Headlights are also being change slightly; Hero Honda has given it the name, Lustre diamond headlights. It is after several days that Hero Honda has launched new Hero honda cbz xtreme choosing the vehicle to pact with instant facelift. All the upgradations are cosmetic, there is nothing mechanical. Get deeper to notice the console meters, Cbz Xtreme boast latest digital console Analog Meter sexy. The design is neat and steady similar to the look of any of the bike today. The small fuel gauges makes interface look beautiful, digital Speedo is supported with blue-backlight. What is to be noted is the fuel tank of the Xtreme. Now, it is being called the Anti Drag fuel tank. About factually, comprise adding to the fuel tank. 5 innovative alloys for the side and front rear wheel is unquestionably a striking. Adding up, both rear and front wheels outfitted with disc user practice is very competent and perfect braking.

Honda Xtreme has constantly been recognized for its LED tail lights. There is a slim change in its treatment. There is a skinny white arc noticeable as experimental in the center. Though, change is still very noticeable. Now comes the turn of the seats. There are many cbz users who get their seats to tear the switch. The new cbz Xtreme house a cool sport look. The diminutive motor under cowl is also added to support the look. Heat guard protection is supplemented to the weaken pipe.

Taking about the performance, engine is affected. Air-cooled ATFT engine, 149.2cc exclusion constructs the highest power of 10.6KW @ 8500rpm and greatest torque of 12.8Nm @ 6500rpm. Rear deferment is in use by 5 GRS adjustments while in the folder of Hunk. And the most surprising is the claim made by Xtreme Hero Honda that it just takes 5 seconds for reaching 60 kmph mark from the zero delay. Bike is available in five thrilling colors including Sports Red, Flaming Orange, Black Panther Metal, Max Brown and digital silver metal. The new Hero Honda cbz xtreme price is around 68,942. Hero Honda bikes prices are easily affordable in comparison to other Bikes price in India.

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